How to Manage all your Configurations with a Couple of Clicks

Thousands of sites have been already rolled out successfully since the release of our SD-WAN tool, the Profindis Deployment Portal. In this blog post we explain the functioning of our feature “Version Management” and how it can be useful to you. If you don’t know what the Profindis Deployment Portal is, have a quick look on this page.

Configuration Changes on Network Devices

When working in midsize or large size network environments with hundreds or thousands of sites, things can get easily out of hand and you can lose track very fast. Usually a lot of effort has to be put into protocolling during the process of changes.

When it comes to configuration changes of network devices it is very difficult to maintain a systematic overview. Many devices require different versions of configurations. This can be due to differences in hardware platforms, ISP (Internet Service Provider), geographical conditions and the availability of certain WAN technologies. Additionally some devices need to be updated to a newer version, some devices might need a slightly different version and some devices might need to keep their old version. Of course in a real scenario things get even more complicated and at the same time changes have to be organized with many people involved.

How can Version Management help you with your Configuration Changes?

First of all we created a space from where you can easily see and access all available configurations, within our SD-WAN tool. Although many devices in a network run on different configurations, most of them have a big part of their coding in common.

Let’s consider we need to update a router or a switch to a newer configuration version. In our SD-WAN solution we start with a master (or basic) configuration, which consists of the main commands and codes that all devices have in common. In the next step, instead of changing the master configuration, we create a delta configuration. This delta configuration only contains of commands that add up to the basic configuration without altering it. It varies according to the individual requirements of each device or device group. The result is a new configuration which now, with a couple of clicks, can be addressed to the desired network devices. As a last step the Profindis Deployment Portal will automatically roll out the configuration changes.

Version Management shows the history of the configuration development in form of a tree diagram.

Of course you can add as many delta or basic configurations as you want. The Version Management will always keep track and give you a clear picture of which configuration is on which device and vice versa.

Version Management maintains a Traceable Overview

Sometimes things just don’t work out the first time and some new configurations might lead to complications. In a traditional setting we would have to go through all the commands and codes in a configuration to find the error. With the Version Management things are a lot easier. It keeps a traceable overview of all configurations and you can easily return to the previous version with disabling the last delta configuration. Also, in most cases a lot of people are involved in a project and have to work together. This makes a traceable system even more beneficial in order to communicate and operate better with each other.

Did we arouse your interest?

If you would like to have more information or would like to see our SD-WAN solution in action, contact us here!