Software Development meets Network Engineering

Why we need experts that are capable of both Software Development and Network Engineering.

The boundaries are starting to blur

The boundaries between software development and network engineering are no longer clear and explicit. While each have typically kept to their separate domains, with the advent of SDN (Software Defined Networking), it is becoming more and more important for network engineers to cooperate with software development. Given the current changes, it is only a matter of time until a networker without knowledge of programming languages such as Python or Java can no longer operate in his or her work environment.

Software Defined Networking (SDN)

SDN includes several types of network technologies, aimed at making networks more agile and flexible. In a Software Defined Network, a network administrator can monitor and modify traffic from a central control panel without having to touch individual network devices. Compared to the traditional method, in which commands are entered manually via the Command Line Interface, this new approach saves time and resources. Also, potential sources of error can be successfully eliminated due to the automation and optimization of processes. This results in several benefits for Software Defined Networking, including: centralization of control, automation of processes and application of programmable tools that can be adjusted to any network infrastructure.

Profindis combines Software Development and Network Engineering

With our many years of experience in the networking industry we know what matters most: Practical Knowledge. A software developer without knowledge of networking will be just as unable to write an SDN program as a network engineer without knowledge of software developing. Instead of having software developed by a third party, we place great importance on ensuring that our employees not only have first-class qualifications in network engineering but also the necessary skills in programming network-related software. Through our field-proven knowledge in telematics as well as in C ++, Python and Java, we enable a smooth integration of the two technologies and can therefore provide our customers tailor-made SDN solutions.

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