How to make sure that none of your configurations is altered or compromised.

Thousands of sites have been already rolled out successfully since the release of our SD-WAN tool, the Profindis Deployment Portal. In this blog post we explain the functioning of our feature “Configuration Monitoring and Surveillance” and how it can be useful to you. You don’t know what the Profindis Deployment Portal is? Then have a quick look on this page.

Monitoring your processes is a very important part in error and incident prevention of your network. As the network gets bigger and bigger monitoring and surveillance gets inevitable.

Configurations of Network Devices assure Secure and Reliable Connections

Configurations are probably one of the most important parts in networking. Only with the right codes and commands it allows devices to connect and communicate with each other to perform desired services correctly. They contain all the information needed to send data securely and reliably from one spot to another. Considering them to be one of the most important parts, at the same time they also might be the most vulnerable one’s too. In practice, monitoring configurations is very little used and its benefits are by far underestimated.

Compromised Configuration Files

In most cases a compromising of configuration files doesn’t have to be a malicious attempt of somebody hacking your network. A more usual and very common scenario is that technicians did some troubleshooting or testing on-site and therefore modified some configurations. Deviations in files most of the time stay unnoticed until it is already too late.

Start Monitoring your Configurations Periodically

With our SD-WAN solution you will be able to track each and every single configuration in your network. With the integrated Periodic Triggered Service you are able to set time intervals in which all configurations will be reviewed. Of course you can customize the settings and exclude or include any desired devices from this procedure. If a deviation is detected, the system will immediately inform you. It will tell you which device is affected and you will be able to see a comparison of the original configuration and the running configuration, showing you where the changes were made.

Autocorrect of altered Configurations

Now you either have the chance to correct the compromised configuration manually or you just let the tool do it for you. Simply activate the autocorrect option and whenever a deviation is found the altered configuration will immediately be replaced by the original one again. This feature enables very quick interventions and prevents issues from happening by tackling potential root causes directly.

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