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In order for your network to run smoothly and reliable it needs to be customized and adjusted to your individual needs. If changes and services are necessary, they have to happen fast and efficient.

This is why we at Profindis operate on the NetOps work model. We automate Business-IT alignment processes through a responsive and programmable infrastructure.

But what does that mean? To understand how NetOps works and why it is so important, it is crucial to explain the DevOps work model first.

Traditional approach of Software Development

In a traditional approach of software development, customer requirements are turned into specifications which then are coded by a software developer. After weeks or months of programming, the completed software would be passed over to the operations team for implementation.

Due to discrepancies in the artificial development environment and the real product environment the software needs to go back and forth between development and operations team to be adjusted. The process of going back and forth for adjustment is very time consuming, inefficient and cost-intensive.

Introducing the DevOps Work Model

DevOps stands for Development and Operations. It removes the barrier between the development and operations department and integrates them into a dynamic team. Its aim is to facilitate and speed up the process of software development and implementation. Therefore it uses tools and techniques to automate infrastructure and workflows that allow to continuously measure application performance. That increases the efficiency enormously.

Instead of coding the whole software in the first place, with DevOps the code is divided into small chunks. These small chunks can be usually tested and deployed within minutes or hours instead of months. That makes DevOps more responsive to customer needs, and it allows to innovate faster, with better quality and more frequent releases.

What is NetOps?

NetOps stands for Networking and Operations. It uses the tools and techniques derived from the DevOps work model and applies them to IT-networks.

DevOps + Networking = NetOps

SDN / SD-WAN and NetOps

With the rise of Software Defined Networking (SDN), there is also an increased demand for faster software development in the area of networking. The programmability of network infrastructure has brought network engineers and software developers closer than ever. Thus, the communication between these two parties became essential. Both have to speak and understand the same language now, which is telematics.

That’s why NetOps plays a fundamental role now in order to keep networks agile and responsive to business requirements.

SDN / SD-WAN Products need Customizations

SDN / SD-WAN manufacturers already offer very powerful and well-functioning products. However these products are mainly designed to serve the global market with all its diverse industries. Therefore, these SDN / SD-WAN products are very generalized. Individual adaptations are necessary to address the respective industry and the needs and wishes of the customers.

For the manufacturers it is impossible to adapt their product to the individual requirements of every single customer. This is why many companies are in need of third party specialists that work on the orchestrator’s northbound APIs to support their SD-WAN customization process.

NetOps at Profindis

Our NetOps team consists of experienced network engineers that understand software development and of software developers that understand network engineering. Our developers are telematics engineers and most of them are CCNP certified. In order to achieve most effective results both groups are working very closely together. We merge our 15 years of experience in networking and our skills in Software Development to offer you professional services all around your SDN / SD-WAN project.

SD-WAN Tools developed by Profindis:

  • Bandwidth Utilization Tool (BUT)
    Customer can set their own threshold to be alerted when bandwidth utilization becomes critical for their business needs including application analyzes.
  • Configuration Audit Tool (CAT) for Edge devices
    Compare configurations, find out differences and display differences

Consulting and Support with your existing SD-WAN Solution:

  • Manufacturer Independent
  • Certified Cisco Partner
  • Certified Silver Peak Partner

Our Focus:

  • Automation, Programmability, Orchestration, Virtualization, APIs and Templates

Technologies we mainly use:

  • Cisco, C++, Java, Spring, Python

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